What we strive for?

Beautiful code

We give highest importance to code readability as code is written once but read thousands of times.

Clear organization

We want you to find things easily and that is only possible if we keep everything clearly organized.

High intuitivity

We like to boost your intuition by developing packages so that there is same way to perform similar things.

Full extendibility

We allow room in many parts of a package where you can customize it according to your needs.

Painless development

We work tirelessly so that your experience with Eraple on both client and server side development is delightful.

Extreme performance

We aim for lowest execution time and memory usage by performing tests at each and every stage of package development.

Easy to learn

We want you to learn things fast and also enjoy it by few minutes quick start guide and many easy tutorials.

Friendly documentation

We always try to make your experience reading the documentation easy by adding handy takeaway code samples.